Friday, 1 July 2011

Crystal Palace camp site (Entrance)

about 23 pounds/night!!!

You're in London they said to justify the price

with a scorny smile...

I'm in London allright! and anxious to get out of here! ( Thought I)
Some places I've been during my last bike ride,starting in London (1780 Km by bike in 25 days)

uppercase:Large cities)

LONDON Farham Andover Stonehenge SALISBURY SOUTHAMPTON Farehan PORTSMOUTH Brighton Eastbourne Bexhill Hastings Rye Folkestone DOVER

CALAIS Hardelot-plage Le touquet-Paris-Plage DIEPPE Étretat LE-HAVRE Honfleur CAEN

Le Mont Saint-Michel RENNES Châteaubriant NANTES ´les sables d'Olonne LA ROCHELLE

Rochefort Blaye BORDEAUX Lit-et-Mix Hossegor capbreton Bidart


Thursday, 30 June 2011

An English Girl I admire: Josie Dew

Road Maps

It might seem old fashioned but I prefer the old paper maps to guide me,rather than
a Garmin Edge 705!
paper road maps doesn't need to be plugged in a electric outlet to become operational.
You can't say the same about a Garmin!
In this Journey from London to Portugal I used:

Michelin, Great Britain&Ireland (713) scale 1:1000 000
Michelin, Asturias Costa Verde(142) scale 1:150000
Mapa de carreteras de Galicia Escala 1:300000 Evereste Editorial

Plage des Cormorans

By the evening

Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Malgorzata helping me to Pitch my tent ( Near Portsmouth )
What a nice Girl! ( She's Polish )
Traveling at night by Bike without the lights on
is more than halfway to a bad experience!
Some Bike lights that really
light up the night.
and a very good light for a as cheap as U.S.D 78.70
magicshine 900 (900 Lumen)

Riding a Bicycle Safely

It's not my intention to reinvent the wheel!
There are many Terabytes of useful information available for those
who decided to use a Bicycle in their everyday lives.
The issue of security should not be forgotten.
Some useful links to prevent you from being hit by a car while riding your Bicycle:

Monday, 27 June 2011

On the road(near Portsmouth)

It's not easy to take pictures of myself

A German In Bilbao train station: he had just arrived from Oporto