Friday, 6 May 2011

Now,I'm planning a cycling tour that will take me to Paris,London,Stonehenge, Eindhoven...

It will be a budget trip, with afew stops to raise funds.

Day of departure: 25 may 2011

In Portsmouth, I'll try to meet with Josie Dew, an English Woman who rides a lot more than me!

Her web site:

My friend Andreas Scheunig

A photo I took last April.

Tui (Spain)

During my pilgrimage to

Santiago de Compostela.

One explanation:

I grew up near Oporto (Portugal)
English is not my native Language.

But is the international language for many people...

That's why I write in English, though it is a bit hard to me.
Last time I went out for a ride, I had several punctures.
Now I'm using Dr Sludge' self sealing inner tubes.
They are great!

I'm always in good company!

Self Sealing Bike tubes

Last time I went out for a ride, I had several punctures...

Now i'm using Dr. Sludge self sealing inner tubes.

They are Great!

Here,in Santiago de Compostela(Spain),April 2011(Spain)

Monday, 2 May 2011

Snatiago de Compostela

My friend Andreas Schunnig and me.

Santiago de Compostela

My friend Andreas Schunnig,from Austria.
My Friend Andreaas Schunnig(From Austria)
When we made the Santiago de Compostela's Pilgrimage.

My Friend Andreas Schunnnig.
a photo I took last April, in Tui(Spain).
When we made the Pilgrimage to Santiago de Compostela.

Preparing myself to a Bike Touring

Next May (25 May) I'll leave Portugal for a new Touring bike adventure!
This dventure will take me to the land of his Magesty, Queen Elizabeth II
and also to France and Holland.
A new opportuniy to tear up these crazy hills!
Stay tuned...